Thursday, 3 October 2013

the land of dreams

There's no other way to celebrate a 10th birthday than a weekend with a crowd of 60,000 sea-faring folk, an array of musical heroes, fireworks and well how could forget all the men dressed as pretty little mermaids (sadly not exactly up to Disney's standards). Well I don't know about you guys but my 10th birthday trip to the zoo doesn't seem so great now. But then again I didn't have the likes of Josie & Rob Da Bank as my party planners. September welcomed with open arms the phenomenon that is Bestival and judging by the stories/tweets/pictures none were left disappointed.

The weekend welcomed the return of Sir Elton John back into the festival scene, after a 44 year gap since his last UK festival appearance. Elton returned with his band and sequins showcasing that age aint nothing but a number. Feeding off the crowds adoration, Elton serenaded us with hit after hit spanning through his glorious 45 year long career.

The cherry on top of the delicious weekend was the news that James Blake was to return to the Big Top, to hum his little heart out. Which, however underrated, has rightfully earned his spot on the top 5 moments of the festival. The bass probably left a few us still trembling, while James shelled out another humbling performance, ending the hour set with is magical rendition of Joni Mitchell's 'A Case of You' leaving the crowd an emotional wreck (I say crowd; mostly me). 

It wasn't just Elton and James that gave overwhelming performances, but if I were to write about each of the brilliantly picked acts, you'd all be sick of my ramblings sooner than usual. But credit does go to Snoop Dogg for momentarily forgetting he's actually Snoop Lion now, and treating us to his beloved classics. 

Bestival creates a little world of its own, for a few days you live in a bubble where 'Feminist Friday and an inflatable head of Lionel Richie were just the tip of the ice burg. By the end of it home just seems a little bit too normal. Bestival over the years have proved that it's so much more than just music and mud. If it's not for the music, it'll be for the dynamite stages or the enchanted forest or even for the opportunity to throw out that 9 to 5 attire for some glitter.

Bestival will truly give you a weekend full of anecdotes, to sooth those post festival blues and desperately yearning to return to a land where bum bags are loved and accepted. With a self proclaiming name, it'll be no surprise Bestival is on route to the ageing 20th birthday bananza. So as my love letter to Bestival draws to a close, all that is left now, is to go ahead start sowing for next years' theme to kick off the Bestivites.

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