Saturday, 25 October 2014

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Hiatus over. 

Blog Revamp.

Kids, I'm back. 

Pandora Sykes was kind enough to be the first to kick off my ''In The Mind Of'' project. A four part series of interviews with creative folk alike; from photographers, fellow bloggers, musicians and of course writers such as Pandora herself. In other words, it's just an excuse for me to have a natter with some of the best that the internet has to offer.

I caught up with the new Fashion Features Editor and Wardrobe Mistress of Sunday Times Style, to pick her brain on the workings of the fashion industry, from the view of our favourite pun-tastic journalist, blogger and style master. That's my groupie moment over. I promise. (For now anyway..) 

Iris Apfel once said that 'more is more and less is a bore' but with the influx of normcore, is there room for basic, simple or even lazy styles within the industry?

I don't think any style is lazy, per se. It takes as much time to put on a pink printed kimono as it does a grey jumper and jeans (neither of which, incidentally, being where my style sits.) It's just how experimental you want to go, I suppose. There's room for all of it. I love Iris Apfel but I disagree that more is more. Sometimes that last statement necklace really isn't necessary!

How do you think the fashion journalism industry is coping with the uproar of style diary, fashion bloggers?

I think there's still an impasse between them on occasions. As a journalist who blogs I can see that it is frustrating for journalists who have slaved away as assistants for 5 years to get that amazing role they now hold, to be sitting next to bloggers at a fashion show who seemingly 'popped' up out of nowhere without doing their dues. But the power of the blogosphere is astonishing and growing daily. To ignore the bloggers - and vice versa, the journalists producing those thoroughly agonized over magazines we rely on monthly - would be foolish. Indeed to 'pop up out of nowhere' to success is indicative of the hard work they too have put into their blog and their ability to determine what women want now (in order to accrue their following in the first place.)

How did you develop your own style of writing throughout your career in the fickle world of fashion?

I don't feel it's changed at its essence. I've always been wordy with a penchant for verbal puns and unusual lexicon (undoubtedly verging on poncey on occasions!) I've just learnt to self edit and write for different tones and audiences.

From your freelancing days, what were the best and worst experiences as a freelance journalist?

Best: your time is your own. Worst: you're entirely self motivated and in my experience, tend to produce less work than when in an office. But it's different courses for different horses really.

During your time with The Debrief team, you took on more of a stylist role, what 3 fashion era's would you bring back for potential editorial shoots?

1960s for it's mini dresses, polonecks, platforms and fur
1970s for the flares, florals, blouses and Woodstock
1990s purely for the grunge

What 5 staples are essential for the dreaded Autumn/Winter season?

- Shrimps Faux fur
- Bright leather trousers from J Brand
- A Bella Freud knit
- A pair of chelsea boots (I'm covering Sandro's with rivets)
- A Reformation dress for playtime

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