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Some of us find it hard to balance the thought of going to lectures let alone actually going whilst Bryony Dodds is not only going to lectures and furiously typing up essays, but is putting us to shame by being able to run a blog all at the same time. 

Bryony may still be fresh faced to the fierce world of blogging but has already cemented herself into the blogging sphere, showing us not to be so afraid of masculine silhouettes, and that sportswear isn't just for the Mel B's of the world but the Posh Spice's out there as well. 

Luckily for me, Bryony was able to add another task to her juggling act and took some time out to catch me up on how she's coping in the fashion world. 

 What's the biggest tip you could give any fashion blogging newbie? 

Just go for it! I think it’s very easy to get caught up in self-doubt when you first start a personal blog. Well for me anyway, it was. I was worried that people may think it was really self indulgent of me to post pictures of my outfits regularly. I have also had people approach me telling me they would like to start fashion blogging but are worried for the same reason I was. I just tell them to adopt a ‘fuck it’ approach. I had the odd friend jokingly poke fun at me at the start (which in many cases I can see why they did, some of my past archives I like to keep up just to have a laugh at every now and then) but now they are sort of impressed and super encouraging. It takes time to get content you’re proud of and perhaps the recognition you feel you deserve as realistically, every blogger is a small fish in a vast fashion blogging sea but if you’re truly dedicated and genuinely passionate about it, there’s no reason why your fashion blog can’t be awesome and something you’re proud of.

As you're still at university studying at the moment, how have you found the process of trying to balance university life and demands with those of blogging? How have you learnt to balance both so that each project gets your utmost attention? 

Admittedly, I have been terrible at prioritising my university work over blogging in the past. I went to University to study Broadcast Journalism with the intention of going into Radio but starting my blog during my first year, cemented my ambitions for a career in fashion. I have sort of become immersed in carving my own career path in the fashion industry and I’m definitely starting to feel the pressure as I am not studying a specific fashion degree and hoping to land a fashion internship for next year. At the moment, I’m balancing uni work, blogging and getting as much work experience in the fashion industry as I can. I have been forced to shed my unorganised former self in order to give equal priority to all three of these, as I know they are all vital components of the process to where I want to be.

 The concept of making a career out of blogging has become very glamorised in recent years, how accurately do you think the blogging sphere is being represented? 

I think the idea of starting a blog with the desire to make a career out of it is just setting yourself up for failure. The bloggers who are in the fortunate position of making a career out of their blog are the ones who have literally spent years of pouring their blood, sweat and tears into what they do. I realise that sounds overly dramatic, but I can recognise (even being a fairly newbie blogger myself and still a very much a small fish in the fashion blogging world) that these bloggers never started with the intention of making money from what they do. If they did, I can almost guarantee they wouldn’t be successful. I’m really nosey when it comes to keeping up with my favourite bloggers and I know the ones that I love most are those who are personal with their readers. I think to be a successful blogger these days, you have to be prepared to expose a lot of your personal life, which can be a huge risk when you are faced with millions of anonymous readers! I have a huge amount of respect for these kinds of bloggers.

Where or even how do you get inspiration from when you are deciding to post your by-weekly style diary? 

When it comes to outfit posts, I literally can be inspired by everything and anyone. I’m particularly inspired by mens streetwear at the moment. I’m always checking out guys trainers to see whats next on my pay day list. It’s so unfair that guys have such a vast amount of trainers to choose from and none of them ever come in a size 4! Small feet woes. I remember one of my outfit posts being inspired by an outfit I saw a 50+ women wearing walking around Cambridge. To this day, I have never seen anyone pull off an ankle grazing coat and mules like she did. Bravo old lady.

What 3 bloggers are you watching at the moment and why?  

Camilla Ackley from ‘Into the Fold’- I love seeing what she’s wearing as she travels around the world. Her outfits always seem to be influenced by what part of the world she situated in. Oh, and she writes really well. Love a good writer.

Elin Kling from ‘The Wall’- An absolute classic fashion blogger and I will forever bow down to her style.

Charlotte Martin because she always just looks so freakin' cool. I would like to be her sister in hope that she would let me share her wardrobe.

With the uproar of blogging - especially in beauty and fashion - it seems to be a female dominated platform. Do you think there's room for male bloggers to experience the same success? To also be offered the same opportunities at the rate that a majority of female bloggers are experiencing? 

Hell yeah! I feel like there is such a gap in the market right now for male fashion bloggers. The current male fashion bloggers are getting a lot of attention right now from the fashion industry as they are calling out for them, particularly PR companies.

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