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It's been said, by myself included, that having your own independent clothing line is this years answer to starting your own band back in 2009. Having now shot myself in the foot with such a comment, here I am, undoubtedly and proudly praising a great little gem hidden in the big city of London. NO-NA, still a baby to the fashion world but nonetheless deserves every ounce of recognition it gets. Essentially a boutique that is run within a grounded family in the heart of east London, NO-NA is striving towards something a little different, having an eye for the intricate detailing and items of clothing that immediately look chic once assembled to an outfit, would however to the normal mortal look as a cast off collecting dust in vintage shops. That my friends, is a rare natural knack not to be wasted away.

I caught up with my beloved friend and owner of No-Na; Natasha King to see how life as a new up and coming figure in the big scary world of fashion has welcomed her.

What is No-Na and how did it all come together?
Believe or not NO-NA was instigated by my dad, who would have thought eh!? Well, he came up with the idea for it. I was coming home every week with bags full of clothing so he thought he would kill two birds with one stone and suggest making a business out of my interest in vintage and also enable me to go out shopping whilst not adding to my personal ever mounting collection. It's now become an online vintage and recycled clothing boutique run on ASOS marketplace, selling predominantly vintage of clothing and a few pieces from say Topshop or Miss Selfridge. It's been up and running for about half a year now!

How do you find or able to juggle life between NO-NA and the demands of university life?
I wouldn't be able to do it without my Mum and Dad at home, my mum even finds clothes now! I've taught her well. It is quite demanding, especially when I have no signal on my phone and trying to liaise with is virtually impossible, but it's loads of fun and I have an excuse to go shopping in my spare time which is always a bonus. I also wouldn't be able to do it without the help of my  friends who put up with me on shopping trips, give me advice, and model for me *cough cough*. So I do get a lot of help which in invaluable.

How are you finding the experience of starting up a boutique of your own?
I really enjoy it and it gives me something to focus on outside of Uni. I've learnt a lot since starting, for example about customer service and especially pretty much everything about the Post Office. Need something posting? Just give me a destination and a weight I think I could tell you how much it would cost.

What would you say had been the highlight for NO-NA so far?
The highlight....hmm.. I would say the overall highlight of the whole thing is getting feedback from customers. Hearing that someone loves their purchases really makes my day :)

What do you think sets you apart from many other independent clothing lines out there?
Erm, I haven't really thought about this before, maybe that we don't stick to one particular style. And vintage is quite 'fashionable' so we are supplying to that demand, rather than say having our own specific brand and making new clothes.

What would you say to some critics who may question the boutique in terms of NO-NA not making their own clothes? 
I would say 'recycle darling! Saving the planet and all that.' Well something along those lines, I mean, vintage clothes are fun and unique, and it's reusing stuff that isn't wanted but wanted by someone else. It's all in the name, NO-NA = New, Old, New Again.

What do you see in the horizon for NO-NA?
Well, I really want to start finding stuff for men and start a menswear, I always find such nice stuff but never get it, so if any male models want to get involved and stand in front of a camera for my mum (who has become my right hand man in this venture) you're more than welcome to jump on this opportunity.

Don't just take my word for it, fall in love with her collection just like the rest of us have

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