Monday, 8 February 2016

peak of the week / allan kingdom

Rumour has it that the best things in life are free, now I've never been one for hearsay but there's always an exception to the rule. This exception comes in the form of a free download from Allan Kingdom, who - if you weren't paying your TV license - was one of the many to storm the stage at last year's Brit Awards. The new project from Kingdom titled, 'Northern Lights', has blown the internet away with first track 'Ride' already stacking up 176k plays on Soundcloud alone, that's got to keep you interested to the end of this post, at least. 

New offerings from the 22 year old wordsmith sees him hook up with the likes of D.R.A.M, Jared Evans and my personal favourite collaboration with Chronixx, on third track 'Fables' where he throws in eerie vocals with a heavy bass, causing me to use all the fire emoji's known to man. Kingdom's very unique runs and tone are let loose on 'Northern Lights' making him instantly recognisable as the guy with the slick beats and sweet rhymes.

The mixtape drips in dense lyricism leaving no stone unturned covering it all from sex, angst and our very own existence but the forty four minute stint isn't a tough listen, instead it feels light in its approach despite the intensity of the topic. As he just starts to release visuals to accompany 'Northern Lights', 2016 looks to be pretty ace for this guy.

So go and nab yourself the download here, what have you got to lose?

Essential One Liners: Ranting to you ‘cause you’re in my room though just because you fire up my hormones / Why you gotta make it hard? Who you keep it easy for? / What's a gun to a man that can stand on his feet? 

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