Sunday, 16 February 2014

a late night w/ elli ingram

So many of you by now have noticed my slight fondness of Miss Elli Ingram mostly through my incessant chatter, and partly because well, she's great and people are finally starting to realize it. After the release of your debut EP 'Sober' and with many appearances under her belt including, Maida Vale studios and chatting to the mac daddy of radio that is Annie Mac, it was time for Elli to grace her fans with a little performance.

So the night came around and we stumbled into one of Islington's quaint bars in the form of The Old Queens End, where the rum and gossip flowed by candle lit. The room quickly filled with eager fans and close friends of Elli, whilst the DJ played out the back catalogue of some of hip hops finest, as we awaited the guest of honour. Once Elli graced the stage, we're all captivated by her every word, every move and every beat, as a performer, she has that effortless grace that captures you. There wasn't a moment Elli and her band weren't enjoying themselves, from her coy chit chat with the crowd, to her soulful and sharp tones taking over as soon as that sexy saxophone kicked off. 

Along with loved singles from her 'Sober' EP, Elli debuted new offerings which will be featured in her second upcoming EP due to be released in March. The new material takes a more sexy route, very sultry and rightly so, very guilt free. Think Miguel mixed with raw-ness of Bey's 'Drunk in Love' and smooth vibes of The Internet's 'Timeless'. Sounds pretty intense right. 

Even after signing to Island Records a few months ago, there's still such a humbling sense from the singer, she's taking her time to figure out what sort of musician she wants to be, and is very open about the overwhelming situation she's landed in. With each performance, appearance or interview, Elli is finding her feet as she paves the way for what will undoubtedly be an unbelievably successful career. 

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